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It’s the not-so-distant future in Post-Roe America and society has fallen to an extremist Evangelical theocracy. All abortion - or what the government terms “the undesirable procedure” - has been banned.


Lily Williams, master chef at the renowned Foal’s Steakhouse, lost her only daughter, Sarah, to forced birth under the federal ban. Hardened by grief, Lily faces haunting flashbacks of her daughter’s untimely death. When she learns that Philip Anderson, the judge responsible for denying Sarah’s abortion request is coming to dine at Foal’s, she seeks carnal justice for her child. In the kitchen at Foal’s begins a revolution.

Directors Statement

This story very much speaks to our current reality where abortion access is being stripped away. 


I was inspired by other media and science fiction that draws attention to frightening political and societal truths. Think: The Menu, Get Out, Handmaid’s Tale, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. 


In that vein, our production design and film composition will highlight the aesthetic of a high-end steakhouse juxtaposed with the grotesque and carnal nature of butchery. In this, the elite will be pointedly placed in proximity with the murder happening not just at the restaurant, but the world at large.  


We want this film to both unsettle and activate people. We hope to put forward a narrative that grants more emotional satisfaction than other media tackling this topic. For our audience - especially those affected by anti-choice legislation - we want to offer a sense of catharsis. 

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